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This is inotec group

The inotec group in numbers

  • Coding solutions for over 40 years
  • Production of more than 600 million high-tech and RFID special labels annually
  • Manufacturing at 2 locations
  • Over 20 years of experience in Auto ID solutions
  • Proprietary Auto ID middleware "AMIA"
  • Intelligent Printing Interface
  • Certified according to DIN ISO 9001, GS1, ISEGA

Active worldwide

Always by your side. From our locations in Germany, England, France, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, and China, we meet customer requirements worldwide.



Smart Solutions

Smart coding enables integrated, secure data capture and offer additional solutions and complementary business models.

  • Barcode, 2D code, RFID, NFC, sensors
  • Optimal capture on, in, and through materials
  • 100% real-time communication & documentation
  • Intelligent data management
  • Process-optimized labels

Customized Solutions

Our labels are optimized for the respective process requirements, reading ranges, security requirements, and space requirements.

  • Analysis of the requirements that the data carrier must fulfill
  • In-house development and customization of labels
  • Integration of RFID, codes, or security features into the label
  • Coordination with secure downstream process handling
  • Support with system integration

Solutions with added value

Comprehensive process analyses enable optimized labeling and security solutions.

  • Process analysis
  • Labeling solution
  • Support with system integration
  • Software & hardware for comprehensive, secure data capture
  • Support in developing digital business models

The members of inotec group

Smart Barcode and RFID Solutions for Demanding Applications

For 40 years, the label experts from Neumünster have been offering innovative and high-performance solutions for unique identification. High-quality barcode, in-mould, RFID, and product security solutions. With a comprehensive all-around service that goes far beyond delivery, the highest quality, and always customized. For every application area and every industry. This makes inotec Barcode Security GmbH the perfect partner for demanding companies.



Efficient RFID Labeling Solutions Made in Germany

identytag GmbH is one of the leading companies for RFID labeling products for industry and commerce throughout Europe. From economical, standardized labels to completely customized solutions, it produces innovative and efficient tags and labels with the latest transponder technology for various industries and applications. This makes identytag the right partner for digitization and automation processes.



Partner of the Industry since 1861

Winckel GmbH creates seamless data capture as the foundation for intelligent processes in production and logistics. In the digital age, an optimized supply chain becomes a crucial competitive factor. Through hybrid Auto-ID systems, Winckel enables real-time supply chain management. Winckel connects IT systems with Auto-ID technologies for a hardware-independent, unified Industry 4.0 solution.