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We are convinced that the labelling and identification of goods should be mandatory internationally beyond national borders. To ensure smooth processes, we have equipped our UHF OnMetal labels with a new, specifically developed antenna.

A new label generation with dual frequency ranges

In the past, to be able to operate globally, several labels were previously required for the identification of metallic objects, as the regional regulations for the use of UHF RFID provide different frequency ranges. Our new label generation achieves very good performance values in both globally established frequency bands. The ETSI frequency range (865 MHz - 868 MHz) can be used for Europe, partly Africa & partly Asia, but also the FCC frequency range (902 MHz - 928 MHz), which is permitted for North and South America, China and Australia.


Efficient solutions for global supply chains

Our new technology guarantees outstanding power and performance anywhere in the world. This means that even intercontinental flows of goods can be tracked more easily and reliably. UHF OnMetal labels are therefore indispensable for global companies and groups that regularly ship goods across national and continental borders. This ensures complete traceability and control of the flow of goods. This not only improves logistics, but also reduces errors and optimizes additional cost.

Cross-industry areas of application

Our new UHF OnMetal labels are already in use in a wide variety of sectors. In production control, they enable precise monitoring and optimization of manufacturing processes. In logistics, they ensure efficient traceability and route planning. Our labels are also used in asset tracking to enable precise inventory management.

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